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NANA, What Do You Say ? Book One

Hardcover illustrated

46 pages

Author : Ranee Lee

Illustrator : Ranee Lee


Mont-Saint-Hilaire, 2007




“Nana, What Do You Say?” Book One

“Nana, What Do You Say?” the book was conceived from a song that I wrote, bearing the same name, over ten years ago. The song was inspired by the everyday events around our six grandchildren at the time. Now there are thirteen, each with his own little story to tell.

Since I am the author and illustrator of “Nana, What Do You Say?” the book, I have allowed
myself further creative license in omitting the features of the characters’ faces. My purpose is to allow the subject of the story to influence the child so as to correlate his thoughts with
his personal concepts, not only those of fictitious characterizations.

It has been my personal experience that, when open dialog and conversation are present in our communication with children, healthy relationships ensue and lines remain open to understanding and awareness.
Also published in French

NANA, What Do You Say ? Book One

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