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English edition (Book One)

AÏXA Sand Castles Youth Book

ISBN : 978-2-922754-34-6

ISBN : 2-922754-01-4

Author : Florence Bolté
Illustrator : Mentalo

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For reasons she found difficult to understand, Aïxa had to leave her island of sunshine for a land of snow. Upon arriving, she is delighted by so many Christmas trees covered with twinkling lights of all colors.

Also available in French, Spanish and Italian



AÏXA Sand Castles Youth Book

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Nuit Blanche magazine littéraire

Aïxa, Sand Castles is also interested in the transplantation of a Creole child into Quebec. Famous sand castles will have to go to the snow castles.


It will not always be easy, because it will leave a lot behind, from the kinship to the generous outlines to the animals integrated in the decor and life.


On the other hand, there will be less fear of cyclones and ugly soldiers who are looking for people who do not think in the same way as the government. Beautiful work in all respects. That Pirouli, a publisher that I did not know, receives the hat-trick that greets arrivals and successes.



Youth Literature by Laurent Laplante

March 16, 2001 p 3- 4

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Jamais sans mon livre:  Best Children's Book of the Year 2000, Choice of Maxime-Olivier Moutier

December 31, 2000

magazine 7 jours
Revista 7 jours

'' My most beautiful discoveries, I have often made them while reading. I remember that every Christmas a book was waiting for us, my brother and I, under the tree. Here are some youth suggestions to maintain this happy tradition ...
AÏXA Sand Castles , AÏXA Snow Castles.

'' Revue 7 Jours '', December 14, 2007 by Anne Bourgoin (**** 1/2 (between very good **** and a must! *****).


AÏXA Sand Castles "Aïxa was well in her country ... In this tale, 8-year-old Coralie discovered words and pretty pastel-hued images that plunged her into a different reality than hers. sometimes difficult reality that can force us to leave what we love for an unknown world but, nevertheless, carrying hopes.

Children from another country will recognize themselves in this story, while their peers will open up to another culture. at the very end, a coin-coin game in the form of a quiz allows a return to the content. It is therefore an essential album for all people sensitive to intercultural education. How will Aïxa adapt to her new country? We can not wait to know more ... "


Coralie Gauthier and Élise Rivets.

GARDAVUE FEBRUARY 2001 page 30 (Association of Child Care Services in the School Sector of Quebec

All translations from French with the help of DeepL

Samuel B. grade 6

I really liked your book Aïxa. I liked when you came last year. I found that weird name (Uncle Camille) - It's a girl's name. There is also Mamie-moi, in the french book, it's funny as a nickname. I found your story beautiful. Did you only do this book?


I read AÏXA with a lot of interest. The story is charming and the drawings very successful. Children will surely love and learn the beauty of difference.


Your book is superb, we greatly appreciate my son Tristan and I.

Jacqueline & Lucien E.

A word to express our admiration for the tasty and fascinating story of the little Aïxa. The illustrations are fresh and cheerful. We especially liked the detached illustrations that nicely enamel the text. These are sunny images that make us want to know better the country of your childhood.


P.S .: a graphic quality achievement

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